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1. Purpose

The purpose of this document is to notify job applicants on how personal data is processed to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR 2016/679).

2. Scope

This scope of this document is for candidates applying for a job vacancy with Amino Chemicals Ltd. (the Company).

3. Policy

3.1. The purpose of this notice

  1. We (Amino Chemicals Ltd.) are data controllers in respect of the personal data we obtain and hold as part of the recruitment process.
  2. As data controller, it is our responsibility to ensure that we handle your data lawfully, and more importantly, securely. It is also our duty, under the GDPR, to inform you on everything there is to know about how, what, when, where and why we use your personal data.

3.2. Your responsibilities

  1. Ensure that you read this and inform yourself about our data processing activities.
  2. If you provide us with personal data about other people, or if others give us your data, we will only use that information for the specific reason for which it was provided to us
  3. Ensure that you do not send us personal data that we, more often than not, do not need nor want. We are referring to special categories (sensitive) of personal data. Where certain laws may apply, we may at times require certain types of special categories of personal data, (read 3.4.4 – 3.4.6 below for more information).

3.3. Methods of obtaining your data

  1. We adapt our methods of obtaining your personal data as changes of technology take effect. We strive for a paperless environment although that is not always possible. Therefore, we currently accept and collect your data through the following channels:
    • Our website;
    •; and/or
    • Submitted by recruitment agencies on your behalf.
      We receive your data through means of:
    • Email;
    • Post; and/or
    • In person.
  2. Should we ever decide to seek for your data through a different channel we will update this policy and inform you accordingly.
  3. Under applicable legislations, contractual obligations and vital interests, we may be required to perform background checks and medical tests for select vacancies. If this is the case, we will be sure to let you know that the role requires such checks to be carried out.

3.4. Type of data we collect

  1. Now that you know how we collect your data, it is crucial for you to know what data we need and, importantly, what data we do not need and urge you not to provide us with.
  2. In order to consider you for a vacancy we need an application. A job application typically consists of a CV (Curriculum Vitae), covering letter and references. In addition, you may be applying for a role which would require you to share further achievements/skills, such as a portfolio. Should we require anything in addition to your CV and covering letter, we will be sure to state this in the this clearly in the job advert.

3.4.3 What we need:

  1. Contact details
  2. Work experience
  3. Education history
  4. Relevant skills
  5. Any additional requires outlined in paragraph 3.4.2 above.

3.4.4. What we don’t need:
Any data relating to / or be considered as:

  1. Links to personal social media;
  2. Race or ethnicity;
  3. Religious or philosophical beliefs;
  4. Political opinions;
  5. Trade union membership;
  6. Biometric data (Photos, etc);
  7. Genetics and health;
  8. Sexual preferences, sex life and/or sexual orientation.

With the exception of social media, the above are classified as “Special Categories” or personal data, (previously known as sensitive data). Under certain circumstances, typically backed by applicable legislation and/or contractual obligations, this data may be required, however we do not need or ask you for any of the above information for the consideration of your application. That being said, your CV or application might indicate any of the above. If you do provide us with said data we will omit that data and promise not to use it to make any recruitment decisions.

As mentioned in 3.3.3 above, certain roles may require us to perform medical tests on the candidate. This is due to the fact that certain positions are exposed to elements or environments that demand a certain health standard. If this is the case, then 3.4.4 and 3.4.5 above only partially apply.

3.5. The reason we need your data

3.5.1. We need your data listed above in order to make an informed and fair decision. We will process your data to:

  1. Get in touch with you through the contact details you provide;
  2. Assess if you meet the basic requirements advertised;
  3. Assess your knowledge, skills and competence;
  4. Contact any references you may have provided; and
  5. Carry out background checks

3.5.2. If you are contacted for an interview, we may collect further information when asking you questions related to your role and eligibility.

3.5.3. Certain roles may require you to undertake a skills assessment test. Therefore, collecting further information that will be processed for the purposes of assessing the results of the aforementioned skills assessment test.

3.6. Sharing of your data

3.6.1. Internally

  • Only the select few authorised personnel will process your personal data. Initially your
    information is processed by the HR team who then pass on your data to the relevant
    hiring manager who would be required to assess your data and potentially contact
    you for the interview.

3.6.2. Externally

  • The only trusted external third-parties who may be required to process your data, or
    elements of your data, are the recruitment agencies through whom your data was
    submitted in the first place.

3.7. Securing your data

  1. We take security very seriously and take all necessary precautions and measures to ensure that consistent standards are met. All electronic data is stored on a secure, encrypted and password protected mailbox in the HR office accessed by authorised personnel on a need-to-know basis. Anyone who processes your personal data is bound by confidentiality.

3.8. Retaining your data

  1. Your personal data is kept for the duration of the recruitment process and removed three (3) months after the position has been fulfilled. We do this for several reasons, the position might become available shortly after and we may need to re-assess previous applicants or we may also feel that you may be eligible for a different role and might contact you to discuss other opportunities.

3.9. Your rights

3.9.1. You can exercise your rights by sending us an email at [email protected]

You have the right to:

  1. Be informed of everything we do with your personal data.;
  2. Request a copy of all the personal data we may hold on you;
  3. Rectify any personal data you may have previously give us;
  4. Request that we erase the personal data we may hold on you (this is not an absolute right, as we may be bound by certain legal obligations to retain your data for a certain period of time);
  5. Restrict processing of your personal data (although you understand that restricting processing may lead to our inability to fulfil a request);
  6. Request us to provide a copy of your personal data we may hold on you to another food and beverage handling organisation of your choice.
  7. Object to us using your personal data (again you understand that objecting to processing your personal data may lead to our inability to fulfil a request).
  8. Further rights referring to any automated decision-making and profiling. It’s important that you know that we do not use any automated decision-making tools and/or systems.

3.10. Policy Operation

The company reserves the right to change, add, suspend, cancel, remove or otherwise modify this and any other notice at any time without prior notice.

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